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HIV - Chlamydia - Gonorrhea Home Aware Test

Combo contains tests for the most common STD types.
- at a much lower cost compared to purchasing them individually.

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Single Combo (Whole-Blood) HIV-Chlamydia-Gonorrhea
Single Combo (Whole-Blood)

US$120.00  US$99.00
Save: 18% off
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Single Combo (Oral-Saliva) HIV-Chlamydia-Gonorrhea
Single Combo (Oral-Saliva)

US$223.00  US$189.00
Save: 15% off
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Partner Combo (Whole-Blood) HIV-Chlamydia-Gonorrhea
Partner Combo (Whole-Blood)

US$244.00  US$195.00
Save: 20% off

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HIV 1/2 Whole Blood-Based
HIV 1/2 Whole Blood-Based
US$49.00  US$39.95
Save: 18% off
Sold Out>HIV 1/2 Oral Saliva-Based
HIV 1/2 Oral Saliva-Based
US$61.00  US$49.50
Save: 19% off
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HIV 1/2 Urine-Based Test
HIV 1/2 Urine-Based Test
US$61.00  US$49.50
Save: 19% off

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There are dozen of HIV test in the market, which 1 is reliable?

Our test products offered are ISO 9001, CE, GMP and TUV-approved, therefore they are reliable and safe to use. The STD, Hepatitis, HIV home test kits are different from any other unknown China manufactured test kits that you might come across online as we are fully certified and approved by major bodies. Any manufacturing errors are unlikely therefore the home test kits will give you very accurate and reliable results.

Home testing are now fast, private & embarrassment free.

Join the thousands of people who have discovered the better, faster, more discreet way to get HIV, STD tested at home... Without a doctor's appointment, no office visit required and at a fraction of the cost.

Benefits of Express STD & HIV Home Testing!

The Fastest Service
You can order today and test 3 days later, delivers complete with everything you need, accurate result in 15 minutes, all in the privicy of your home, NO need to visit a hospital or clinic.
Complete Privacy
The test kit will be sent in a standard envelope. There will be no marking or writing on the envelope which indicates the content of the envelope for privacy purposes.
No Embarrassment
Testing takes 5 min, and you will have the result in 15 minutes, all in the privicy of your home. Your tests will not appear on your permanent medical records or insurance records.
Professional Testing
All tests offered are CE, GMP, TUV-approved and are the most sophisticated tests available.
100% Satisfactione
We're here to offer you the best home testing experience, 100% Accuracy and Privacy Guarantee.
Payment Options
Make a secure payment by Credit Card, PayPal, Bank Transfer or cash with Western Union.

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Sara Young / CEO


"Thank God for CuraHerb! My Life is so much easier. I will definitely recommend your site to others. Thank you very much".
- Roberts / USA / New York

Dear CuraHerb Australia, Your online site was easy to follow once the kit was received by me. I couldn't beat the cost and it helped resolve a pregnancy issue – the result was negative. Thank you."
- Thomas / Australia / Sidney

"Very satisfied with my testing process. This HIV home test kit made my rough situation easier to handle, with very assuring explanation of the testing procedure. Thank you for being very simple and professional!"
- Oliver / USA / New York

"HIV home test was easy to understand so I did not need any help from lab personnel. Everything was GREAT!"
- Charlotte / Germany / Berlin

"This has set our minds at ease. Thank you for an inexpensive way to get the truth!."
- Isabella / USA / California

"We received the HIV test the very next day. 15 minutes later did we have the result, "negative". We are so released and we will recommend your products to all our friends."
- Daniel / Spain / Barcelona

"Very pleased with the HIV home test and how easy you made this process and at a reasonable price, thank you."
- Ethan / Brazil / Rio de Janeiro

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